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Brand: Nordinkraft 

The EMATEST-PL is an innovative, fully automated, and in-line, nondestructive testing system.

EMATEST-PL performs material condition assessments in metallic plates, coils, welds, skelp, etc., using Ultrasonic, EMAT and/or Eddy current methods.  100% of production is inspected, providing valuable information for grading, quality inspection requirements, and process control data nearer to the process to reduce scrap rate caused by process related errors.


Brand: Nordinkraft

The NORDISCAN-PL series Scanners are intended for fully automated off-line ultrasonic examination of body and edges of plates, coils, slabs, and ingots. NORDISCAN-PL systems are designed to perform fully automatic high performance inspections of flats outside of the production line on a charging table. The system utilizes our advanced software and displays the defect map in real-time mode, and simultaneously saves the results on a local or external drive for further evaluation, re-evaluation and analysis.


Brand: Nordinkraft

Systems for automatic non-contact detection of hard spots. 

EddySpot-Desktop – single-probe desktop automatic scanner intended for examination of the material properties  for the research and development lab purposes. EddySpot-Desktop is the perfect instrument, which allows fast and
“human-factor-free” acquisition of  test result as a X-Y plot.


EddyScan-PL – System based on application of NORDISCAN-PL mechanics but equipped with a set of our patented Eddy Current probes for reliable off-line inspection of plates for Hard Spots.


EddySpot-PL– System which uses the configuration of EMATEST-PL as a basis but instead of lines of EMAT or Phased Array  probes we apply lines of  pantented EddyCurent probes. EddySpot -PL is the most sophisticated system intended to perform in-line examination of plates for HardSpots at speeds of up to 2 m/s. Both sides of the plate can be tested simultaneously.


Brand: Nordinkraft

NORDISCAN-PI is our common platform for all Tube and Pipe inspection applications. Modular design allow the use of UT (Piezo), Phased Array, UT Arrays, Eddycurrent, and EMAT technology depending on the specific tasks needed for our clients. Nordinkraft has practical experience in development, design and implementation of complex equipment for automated ultrasonic testing of all types of tubes and pipes, from very large diameter to very small diameter welded products to seamless, cold drawn and centrifugally cast.


Brand: Nordinkraft

NORDISCAN-BB systems are intended for examination of bars, billets, and other more complex profiles.                      Depending on the testing task, we apply two basic configurations of NORDISCAN-BB: 

  • For examination of bars of small diameters, billets, profiles, and rail we are applying a “pass-through” configuration based on providing a dedicated immersion tank with the probes submerged in it. Efficient seals on the input and output ensure minimal loss of water and continuous inspection capability. Such configuration is nearly invisible to the production line with testing speeds  up to 2 m/s, and with the application of phased-array methods provides  increased flexibility for different test objects and tasks.

  • The “gantry” configuration of NORDISCAN-BB is used for testing large diameter round bars. In this configuration, the measuring module with a set of ultrasonic transducers moves along the length of the product being inspected from above the bar, along the bar length while the bar is rotating below, providing efficient 100% scanning in a helical pattern.


Brand: Nordinkraft

NORDISCAN-RAIL-E. The system is intended for the detection of internal defects in rails head, neck, and foot
using our state-of-the-art EMAT probes in pass-though and echo modes.

NORDISCAN-RAIL-S – immersion UT system for detection of surface defects on rails. Overall configuration of this system is based on “pass-through” concept, applied previously for NORDISCAN-BB, it means that rail will pass throng the water tank with the set of phased array probes intended for 100% coverage of the rail surface. No more static and rotating EC probes, no more water jet probes – no wasting of time for re-adjustments.

NORDISCAN-RAIL-I – also immersion system for detection of internal imperfections in rail (head, neck, and foot), with the highest accuracy, reliability and on the speed up to 2 m/s.


Brand: Nordinkraft

ALUTEST-BB series systems are designed for automatic ultrasonic testing of bars and billets made of aluminum, titanium, copper, and other Non-Ferrous metals.

Like the NORDISCAN-BB series, ALUTEST-BB systems can be delivered in two different configurations: “Pass Through” and “Gantry”.  Unlike the NORDISCAN-BB, however; the UT probes of ALUTEST-BB are designed to meet the most stringent standards of the aerospace industry such as:

EN2004-2, AMS 2630, prEN4050, ASTM D857, EN2004-2, BAC 5439-3 (Boeing), NADCAP, ASTM B594, ASTM E2375 – 08 (2013), IGC 04.25.116, ABP 6-5232 (Airbus).


Brand: Nordinkraft

ALUTEST-PL series systems are intended for fully automatic ultrasonic and eddy current examination of plates and slabs made of non-ferrous metals such as: aluminum, titanium, copper, etc.

The generall configuration of ALUTEST-PL systems is similar in concept to the configuration of NORDISCAN-PL scanners. However, unlike the NORDISCAN-PL, the ultrasonic and eddy current  probes of ALUTEST-PL are designed to meet the most stringent standards of the aerospace industry such as: 

EN2004-2, AMS 2630, prEN4050, ASTM D857, EN2004-2, BAC 5439-3 (Boeing), ASTM B594, ASTM E2375 – 08 (2013), IGC 04.25.116, ABP 6-5232 (Airbus).


Brand: Nordinkraft

“SonaFlex” is a unique intelligent ultrasonic testing system with flexible hardware architecture. The basic Platform can easily be configured to generate all possible types of ultrasonic waves for various general purpose of specific lab and industrial applications.  The SonaFlex allows you to create relatively small NDT-systems or for performance of various lab tests.


Brand: Nordinkraft

A convenient, compact, sophisticated and innovative field instrument, the EMAT Wall Thickness gauge NKD – 019E «UltraSonic» can be used to measure the thickness of components, pipes, vessels and other metal objects – easily and precisely.

The gauge enables measurements to be taken at a vast range of surface temperatures, going from -20 to +720 degrees Celsius. As a rule, a plastic coatings, paint or limescale on the surface do not affect the results of measurements.


Brand: Nordinkraft

Equipment for Non-contact, Automated, Geometric Measurement of the Length, Flatness, Width, and Camber “GEOMETRIX-PL”, is designed to work in the technological flow of production of plates, sheets or slabs of steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.

The inspection of the material is carried out in a noncontact manner, in dynamic mode, directly on the process line on the existing mill roll line. This is made possible by the use of a modern measuring system, which includes precision mechanics, sets of laser 2-D profilometers, a calibration station, and a computer management system that implements extremely efficient algorithms for processing information flows.


Brand: Nordinkraft

Our NKE-PCS-5000 Plate Surface Cleaning System is intended for high speed, in-line removal of dirt, dust, scale, and other foreign particles from the top plate surface. Fully automated surface cleaning is performed at speeds of up to 2 m/s, keeping up with the most advanced production lines.

Reliable cleaning of plate surfaces are achieved applying our patented method based on uniform and consistent application of cutting edge methods including:

  • Specialized brushes, designed to break up loose scale, removes blisters and fragments from the plate surface

  • Suction Nozzles for “fine” cleaning of the plate surface and removal of brush removed residues.

NKE-PCS-5000 is easily integrated into the plate production line. Installation and commissioning of the system is quick and easy, while performed under the supervision of our specialists, taking less than one week. Interruptions to the production line and processes is minimal due to the well thought out design.

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