Overhead UV Lights 

Apollo Series.jpg

Apollo 365 Series Module-based Overhead NDT LED UV Panel

Brand: ChiNDT

Apollo365 series overhead LED UV panel utilizes the state-of-art LED technology and makes it a great tool for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection. Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, Apollo365 series LED UV panel will endure the harshest working conditions. Apollo365 series LED UV panel highlights its rugged design, excellent cooling ability, waterproof and dustproof performance. The unique fearture of Apollo365 series LED UV panel is its module-based design.

Titan 365.jpg

Titan 365 Overhead UV Light /UV LED Bench Light/NDT UV LED Panel

Brand: ChiNDT

Titan365 series overhead LED UV lights are lamps with super large coverage area.This type of uv led bench light is specially engineered for non-destructive testing applications. Unique mechanical cooling system reduces running temperature, provides more safety for users, and ensures long bulb life.These versatile, stationary light sources can be installed overhead or in-line, and can be ganged together to provide an even wider coverage area. Two models are available to meet your specific inspection requirements which include high-intensity and standard intensity versions,each with or without a black light filter.



Brand: ChiNDT

ATOM LED module for Apollo 365 UV LED panel is simply fixed on the circuit board with 2 screws, which is convenient for operators to replace.  ATOM has three types: Flood UV LED module, Spot UV LED module and Spot and White LED module.