Special UV Lights 

Torch365 Series.jpg

Torch 365 LED UV Torch

Brand: ChiNDT

Torch365 Series LED UV Torch utilizes the state-of-art LED technology and makes it a great tool for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection. Two versions are available: UV Torch Spot Light (TH365/SL) and UV Torch Flood Light (TH365/FL). The light reflectors are interchangeable for both models.

Jaguar Series LED UV Head Lamp.jpg

Jaguar Series UV LED Head Lamp

Brand: ChiNDT

Jaguar Series LED UV lamp features 2 powerful UV-A (365 nm) LEDs and white light LEDs to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location. Ideal for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant testing, pipeline inspections, ship hull inspections, and any environment that requires a portable, hands-free inspection lamp. Two versions are available: Headlight and Spray bottle lamp.  

Endoscope UV Eye.jpg

Endoscope UV Eye

Brand: ChiNDT

UV/Scope UV digital high-definition videoscope apply 385nm UV LED to perform UV visual inspection of the work piece after fluorescent magnetic particle inspection. The fluorescent material in the fluorescent magnetic particles emits electron transition under the irradiation of the ultraviolet lamp, and emits a yellow-green visible light of 510 to 550 nm. In the magnetic particle inspection, when the work piece is magnetized, if there are cracks, pores or other defects on the work piece surface or near surface, the leakage magnetic field at the defect will attract and collect the magnetic powder applied during the flaw detection to form a magnetic mark. This kind of magnetic trace with fluorescent substance under the irradiation of ultraviolet light lamp stimulates yellow-green visible light which is very sensitive to human eyes, so as to achieve the purpose of detection.

UV LED Bulb for Mercury Lamps.jpg

LED Bulb for Mercury Lamps

Brand: ChiNDT

CrackCheck Replaceable UV LED bulb CC-LED-100 utilizes the state-of-art LED technology, compatible with various models of the Mercury UV Lamp on the market. Consisted of three UV LEDs, CC-LED-100 highlights it unique features of instant maximum output, anti-EMI, safe and pure spectrum. CC-LED-100 makes your mercury lamp more long-lasting, economical, safer and environmental friendly.